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put Donna Pascoe down as the winner of the Top Angler when the award has gone to Guy Jacobsen 

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Fuel Card offer

 NZ Sport fishing Council

April 2013
The Management Committee of the NZ Sport Fishing Council are pleased to announce that we have concluded an agreement with Petroleum Logistics Pacific Ltd (PLPL) to provide Club members, their families, and businesses with a discount fuel card. The discount rate to start with is 4.5 cents per litre on petrol and diesel at the pump, and 6.5 cents at the BP Truckstop outlets. The cards are usable at all BP locations, Gasoline Alley (GAS) sites, and BP branded Service Stations. A full list of sites is available on the net at
PLPL also owns Marina fuel facilities in a number of places and offer a discount of 6.0 cents per litre on diesel. The discount rates will increase as the litres we collectively put through increase. We are positive this will happen quickly. Payments are to be by direct debit and there is no establishment or annual card fees, but please read carefully the terms and conditions when signing up for your card. We look forward to a long relationship with PLPL and hope you will take up the card and benefit from its use.
We would ask that all clubs please circulate the information and forms as widely as possible.
Yours sincerely
For application forms and more information inquire at the Tatapouri club office.